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The China Diligizer team is comprised of professionals with top-caliber international work experience, multicultural skills and elite educational backgrounds. As individuals they exhibit the highest possible standards of ethics, performance and professionalism. As team members, they are committed to long-term, client focused relationships addressing important financial and strategic objectives. These attributes combined with in-depth industry expertise enhance China Diligizer’s project management and execution capabilities. China Diligizer prides itself in adapting a dynamic and flexible approach to a rapidly changing business environment while working closely with each client as their business needs change. We provide innovative advice and engineer creative solutions to bridge the strategic gap between vision and success for our clients in accordance with their needs in the shortest period of time.

  Mr. JEREMY GOODWIN, Founder and Principal Managing Director

Jeremy Goodwin is a co-founder of Global Capital Group and Managing Partner of 3G Capital Partners who with his group successfully negotiated the $20M control acquisition by Mueller Industries (NYSE: MLI) of their Chinese Joint Venture partner Changzhou Xingrong Copper. He is also a Board Member of Roma Group Holdings Ltd., Pacific Net Inc., and China Advanced Construction Materials Inc. He began his career in 1995 at Mees Pierson Investment Finance S.A. in Geneva, Switzerland where he supported the private equity finance team. Noteworthy transactions executed by the group included assistance on the placements of the $1.2 Billion Carlyle Partners II Limited Partnership which took Carlyle over their first $1 Billion mark. In 1997 he was seconded to work for the parent company, ABN Amro Bank, in Beijing, China where he established the Global Clients desk representing the bank's multinational clients to China’s sovereign regulatory agencies and local financial institutions while monitoring their working capital needs. During his time with ABN Amro Beijing, the office was approved by the Central Bank of China to operate as a fully licensed branch. Noteworthy transactions executed by the group during his tenure included assistance in the business development and project management for the Royal Dutch Shell Oil project and the Beijing Capital International Airport IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He also assisted the Singapore Debt Capital Markets team in the business development origination of Sovereign Euro Debt Issuances for the Ministry of Finance and the State Development Bank of the People's Republic of China.

In 1999, Mr. Goodwin was hired by the Board of ING Barings as an International Associate based out of London reporting directly to the buisiness manager for the CEO. Amongst his primary assignments was working in Hong Kong with the ING Beijing Investment arm of Baring Private Equity Partners, a joint venture between ING and the Beijing Municipal Government established in 1994 presided over by former Chinese Premier Zhu Rong Ji and widely considered the first domestic Chinese Private Equity fund. Mr. Goodwin received his BS from Cornell University in 1996 in conjunction with the Institute of Higher International Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. He later pursued his advanced degree with Princeton University with a concentration in Chinese affairs which he completed at the prestigious Nanjing Chinese Studies Center of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Jeremy is fluent in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese, French and has basic working knowledge of Vietnamese.

Mr. Max Ma, CIO&Vice President

Mr. Ma has worked with several well-known corporations. From 1999-2002, he undertook Senior Engineer and Technology Director of Hurray! Holding Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:HRAY) (formerly known as UTStarCom). Since 2002, Mr. Ma has served as Technology Director and IT Manager in PacificNet Inc (NASDAQ: PACT), responsible for Sarbane-Oxley implementation, especially the IT-related compliance. He also assisted the financial team to complete the financial statements and provided support to the auditing team in the auditing of each subsidiary.

Mr. Ma graduated with Bachelor of Computer Information Security from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Mr. Ma received his Master of Economics and Management degree from Central University of Finance & Economics in 2006. He is now studying EMBA in Tsinghua University.
WeiBo of Sina: http://weibo.com/534503951

  Mr. LƯU TRỌNG HẢI, Chairman and Partner – 3G-Dai Ha Vietnam

Mr. Hai is the Chairman of 3G-Dai Ha Capital Partners based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Mr. Hai formerly served from 1984-2000 as the Deputy City Planning Commissioner for Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Hai is a highly respected figure in Vietnam, a very well-known real estate developer, urban planner and city architect. Mr. Hai received his Masters in Architecture from Beijing Tsinghua University in 1964. During his Tenure as City Planning Commissioner, Mr. Hai was responsible for the overall municipal approval, planning and implementation of the following Real Estate Development Projects in HCMC:

  • Phu My Hung Urban Area Development – South Ho Chi Minh City
  • Thu Thiem New Central District – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Vietnam National Assembly Building – Hanoi (Solicited Directly by the Prime Minister)
  • Vietnam History Museum – Hanoi (Solicited Directly by the Ministry of Construction)
  • Red River New City District – Hanoi (Solicited Directly by Hanoi People’s Committee)
  • Da Lat City Plan / Can Tho City Plan
  • HCMC High Rise Buildings: Saigon Center, Saigon Trade Center, Diamond Plaza, Metropolitan, Sun Hwa Tower, Sheraton Hotel, Sophitel, Legend Hotel

  Ms. TRẦN XUÂN DIỄM, Vice Chairwoman – 3G-Dai Ha Vietnam

Ms. Diem formerly served as Deputy Chief 1997 – 2007 of the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and as the Deputy Chief 1994 – 1997 of the Vietnam Ministry of Construction Department of Planning, Architecture and Infrastructure Technology in Hanoi. Ms. Diem received her PhD from the Hanoi Architecture University in 1986.

  Ms. NGUYỄN THỊTHANH YẾN, General Director – 3G-Dai Ha Vietnam

Ms. Yen is the General Director of 3G-Dai Ha Capital Partners in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Ms. Yen served 1996 – 2007 as the former Vice General Director for the Ho Chi Minh City Academy of Science and Technology (COTEC) as well as the Vice Director 1981 – 1996 of the Ho Chi Minh City Ministry of Industry Technology Consultancy Division. Ms. Yen is experienced in structuring and managing major technological Development Projects, and has held the position of General Director of both State Owned and Private Companies. Ms. Yen received her Masters Degree from Vietnam Polytechnic Institute.

Ms. Cathy Xu, Managing Director - China

Ms. Xu is a Managing Director for China Diligizer based in Shanghai. Ms. Xu holds her BA from Nanjing University as well as her MBA. Ms. Xu has been working closely with entrepreneurs for two decades and participates in investor representation and local due diligence coordination.

Dr. Cao Fuchang, Managing Director - China

Dr. Cao Fuchang, is a Managing Director with 3G Capital Partners based in Shanghai, holds a Masters in management science from Tsinghua University, and did his doctorate studies in international finance at Harvard University. He formerly served as a researcher on the original Council Development Research Center, as a chief capital operation expert, China Nat'l resources international finance Group President, US Asian and Pacific investment fund Group trustee general manager, and Shanghai investment fund company general manager, Chinese investment fraternity association president, Taiwan-China Cross-Straits investment diplomacy open-end fund manager; Has many negotiable securities going on the market and the project investment operation experience. Dr. Cao has advised numerous Chinese companies for RTO listings in the US and UK AIM Capital markets.

Dr. Cao Fuchang investment case

1) 2006 operation in Zhejiang Investment Group, a private enterprise with the potential investment value of the Everbright Bank shares, a year of investment yield nearly 300%.

2) 1H2006 copper investment advisor for Feng Electronics Corp. (600,237) 100,000,000 shares of non-public offering of stock issuance orientation, 1-year return on investment rate of 100%.

3) 2007 oversaw 10,000,000 chinese yuan investment by a private Sino-German technology syndicate, which in July 2007 listed on the Frankfurt Main Board. That company with Dr. Cao’s advice reinvested in the Hong Kong equity holdings for a current market value of more than 80,000,000 chinese yuan, half a year return on investment rate of more than 800 percent.

4) 2007 Beijing State-run operations of the Group 6 billion of non-listed commercial bank in Jilin equity investment, the purchase price of 1.2 yuan per share, the increase is Kuogu after Jilin net assets of commercial banks 1.8 yuan per share, January has been 50% of book value! After the listing is expected to more than 12 yuan per share.

Dr. Xian Dong Meng, Director - China

Doctor Xian Dong Meng is a Director for China Diligizer based in Beijing and is also the head of the Chinese Institute for Economic Reform.

Mr. Tan Liu, Director - USA

Mr. Liu is a Director for China Diligizer based in Shanghai. As the former Director of Business Development for Wealthcast.com, Tan Liu oversees an accomplished team of professionals, all of whom complement his extensive experience within the fields of content management, infrastructure support and international market research. With his fluency in both Chinese and English, along with his knowledge of China's rapidly growing economy, Tan offers valuable insight concerning long-term growth at home and abroad. Director Liu previously established the Shanghai office for Terra Hedge Fund of the US. A graduate of American University, Tan holds a degree in International Economics and Finance.

Mr. Hank He, Vice President - China

Mr. He is a Vice President based in Shanghai. Mr. He holds a BA from Sichuan University as well as his MBA. Mr. He has long been working with entrepreneurs and participates in investor representation and local due diligence coordination.

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