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Mr. Thaddeus Pham - Vietnam Advisor

Doctor Pham, 65, Recipient of the Congressional Freedom Award in 1996, member of Whos Who in California in 1984, Presidential Roundtable in 1992 and currently an honorary advior to the NRCC in Washington, DC. 1975-1978 Founder and CEO of CIVIC, New Jersey (Counseling & Information for Vietnamese Immigrants Center), a non-profit Resettlement Program for Vietnamese Refugees. Business Developer in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos: "Jaguar Asphalt factory" at KY-HA port in Quang Nam, Vietnam (US$ 130MM). Founder and Chairman of "Universal Pacification Foundation (UPF)": promoting World Peace via Global Education. Mr. Pham has over 40 years experience in the fields of Trans-Pacific political and commercial executive training and project development experience. He holds his BA from The Paris Sorbonne, and MA from Manhattan College and a DBA (Docotrate of Business Administration) from Southern California University for Professional Studies.

Mr. Truong Xuan Khanh - Vietnam Advisor

Financial Advisory and Investment Director
Hanoi Securities Company

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